Seventeen (Magazine)


Title: Seventeen (Magazine)

Publisher: Hearst Magazines

Copyright Date: 2015


Seventeen magazine contains photographs, ads, advice columns, and articles regarding beauty, health, and relationships. All of the material is targeted toward older teen girls, thusly the aptly named title of the magazine.

Critical Evaluation:

I personally enjoyed this magazine a lot as a teen reader. I subscribed to it for years, and spent a great deal of time browsing the pictures and reading up on beauty tips. I learned a lot of my makeup tricks through reading this magazine. It is truly an appropriately targeted beauty guide for teen girls.

About the Publisher:

Hearst Magazines is one of the world’s largest publishers of monthly magazines, with 21 U.S. titles and close to 300 international editions. Hearst Magazines also publishes 19 magazines in the United Kingdom through its wholly owned subsidiary, Hearst Magazines UK.”

Genre: beauty, fashion, leisure

Interest Age: Ages 14-19

Justification of Selection: This magazine is designed for teens and exclusively contains content relevant to teen readers.


Hearst Communications, Inc. (2015). Magazines. Hearst. Retrieved from

Seventeen (Magazine)

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