Sports Illustrated (Magazine)


Title: Sports Illustrated (Magazine)

Publisher: Unknown

Copyright Date: Unknown


This magazine keeps readers informed about all things sports. There are articles about athletes as well as statistics, information about games and players, and numerous pictures. Among the sports included are: football, basketball, soccer, hockey, tennis, and golf.

As sports are one of the topics that teen boys express most interest in, it comes as no surprise that Sports Illustrated offers a subscription discount to students.

Critical Evaluation:

This is a perfect resource to keep in a teen space. It inspires leisurely reading and looking at the pictures can serve as a relaxing past time for teens. There are very few magazines available that cover the same breadth of sports topics as this one, and that makes it a catchall for most sport enthusiasts.

About the Publisher: N/A

Genre: sports, health

Interest Age: Ages 15+

Challenge Issues: The scandalous annual swimsuit edition!

Justification of Selection: Teen boys love sports!

References: N/A

Sports Illustrated (Magazine)

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