Student Resources in Context (Database)


Title: Student Resources in Context (Database)

Interface of: Gale

Copyright Date: 2015


The main tabs for this resource center are: browse topics, maps, and curriculum standards. The site contains information in the categories of: biography, business and economics, geography, government, history, literature and the arts, science and health, social issues, sports, and world cultures and religions. If one clicks on a link for a subject, they are taken to a page with a brief overview and definition of the subject. Beneath the overview are resources displayed in the following categories: featured content, reference, images, audio, video, news, magazines, academic journals, critical essays, and related topics.

Critical Evaluation:

This is an amazing resources that would allow student users to broaden or narrow the scope of their research with ease. If they need only general information about the topic, that is provided in the topic overview. If they need more in depth information, they can look through the aforementioned categories to determine which types of resources best meet their needs. The divisions between the categories are a huge time saver, and students can feel confident that they are receiving quality resources. This saves even more time, and prevents students from receiving faulty information from the online search engines.      

About Gale:

Gale, a part of Cengage Learning, believes the library is the heart of its community, driving meaningful and measurable outcomes for individual users and groups. Gale is a partner to libraries and businesses looking to deliver educational content, tools and services to support entrepreneurship, encourage self-directed learning, aid in research and instruction, and provide enlightening experiences. Gale has been a leading provider of research and education resources to libraries for 60 years and is committed to supporting the continued innovation and evolution of libraries and their users.”

Curriculum Ties: All subjects

Interest Group: Grades 7-12

Justification of Selection: This is an excellent source for personal and academic research.


Gale. (2015). A passion for libraries. Gale. Retrieved from


Student Resources in Context (Database)

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