Teen Ink (Magazine)


Title: Teen Ink (Magazine)

Publisher: The Young Authors Foundation, Inc.

Copyright Date: Unknown


This is a resource that offers both a print version and an online version to schools and libraries nationwide. All published works, including photos, are contributed by teen writers and artists. Submissions are carefully reviewed and selected by member of The Young Authors Foundation, Inc. Examples of the types of content published are: poetry, fiction, nonfiction, reviews, art/photos, and videos. There are also a couple chat forums on the website that allow teens to interact with each other regarding topics such as collaborative writing and shared hobbies.

Critical Evaluation:

It is rare to find a publication that publishes work exclusively from teens. There are no staff writers and it is an entirely non-profit organization. All high schools and libraries should distribute this magazine to teens because it promotes creativity and positivity.

About the Publisher:

“Teen Ink is an independent print publication of The Young Authors Foundation, Inc. We are not affiliated with any individual, group or organization. We receive our income from four sources: advertisers in the magazine who support our goals and want to reach teenagers with their message; tax-deductible donations people have made to our charitable nonprofit foundation; payment for subscriptions of the print magazine requested by schools for their students; and all royalties from the sale of the Teen Ink books and products.

The Young Authors Foundation feels strongly that one of the greatest needs of young people is to preserve their sense of self-worth. Teen Ink‘s role is to listen to its contributors and provide a forum in which teens can express themselves through poetry, essays, stories, reviews, art and photography.”

Genre: creative writing, teen art

Interest Age: Ages 13-19

Justification of Selection: This magazine contains work by teens for teens.


The Young Authors Foundation, Inc. (n.d.). Teen Ink FAQ. Teen Ink. Retrieved from http://www.teenink.com/About/FAQ.php

Teen Ink (Magazine)

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