The First Time (Film)


Title: The First Time (Film)

Director: Jon Kasdan

Production Company: Samual Goldwyn Films

Release Date: 2012

Plot Summary:

Dave believe he is in love with his friend Jane. While rehearsing his declaration of love, he meets a girl named Aubrey. Dave and Aubrey have an instant connection, and when the party is broken up by the cops, he goes home with her. Aubrey claims to have a boyfriend, and the next morning Dave escapes out the window. After conferring with his friends, Dave decides that maybe the boyfriend is not real, so he attempts to contact Aubrey. They end up going to the same movie, with Aubrey’s very real boyfriend in tow. Dave invites her to a party and finds out she plans to lose her virginity to her boyfriend. Dave tries to convince her otherwise, but she leaves with her boyfriend anyways. She calls Dave later and asks him to pick her up because she has just broke up with her boyfriend. It is clear that she and Dave have a mutual attraction, so they decide to try to make things happen between them.

Critical Evaluation:

A great movie, but not one that I would personally want my own teen watching. The topic of sex is treated very cavalierly, and both teens seem eager to shed their virginity. They don’t really seem to care with whom. It is approached more as a rite of passage than a decision with potential consequences. The main characters in the movie are prone to rather long philosophical monologues, but nevertheless they have strong chemistry on screen.

Viewer’s Annotation: There is a first for everything.

About the Director:

Jon Kasdan is an actor and writer, known for The First Time (2012), In the Land of Women (2007) and Silverado (1985).”

Genre: comedy, drama, romance

Curriculum Ties: health

Discussion Ideas:

  • Discuss the importance of safe sex (perhaps in a health class environment)

Rating: PG-13

Challenge Issues: teen sexuality, teen partying, objectionable language

Defense File:

Challenged Materials: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights: 1989-;90 CD #61.2

Chapter 5 of Youth, Pornography, and the Internet (2002)

Justification of Selection: This a great movie with clever dialogue and a realistic depiction of teen relationships.


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The First Time (Film)

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